Does your current sales review look like below?

The manager asks each of his reps what they had done. The reps start off. The manager cuts him off, asks him where were the deals? Asks him why he is not doing a better job with his accounts. The manager moves on to the next rep. The next rep starts talking about a new opportunity that he has piped.

Do you see what is the issue with the above approach?

First - The manager has no visbility into what his reps are doing. Second - Each rep has his own style of trying to uncover new leads. There is no way that bext practices are being enforced.

Now imagine the following

The manager comes into the meeting. He has clear visbility inot what his reps have done. He knows the status of each of his leads. each rep is following the same process and best practice to get new opporutnities. The meeting time is spent on disucssing what can be done to move the oporutntiy to the next stage.

Is this even possible you ask?

Yes. Lead Nurturing Systems address this critical gap.

What makes Sales Hustl different?

Designed by Sales professionals, Sales Hustl understand that the last thing reps want to do is spending time in front of systems. Simple check boxes capture the progress of yuour activities. For managers and organizations, you have the flexibiltiy to define your pipeline devlopment process. No longer you will need to depend on rock stars.