One of the striking features of many sales teams is the disparity of performance amongst the reps. On one end you would be having reps who are blowing and comfortably over achieving on the numbers and on the end there are folks who would be struggling to close even a single deal.

Organizations have always wondered what is it that makes these rock star rep tick and what can they do replicate this across the entire team. One of the key levers that leaders have in reducing this disparity is by defining a process to identify nurture and close deals. The most common mistake made in this approach is defining an overly complex process that results in reps quickly discarding it. The reps have been hired for spending time with prospects. They are not there to look at complex applications.

Here’s how we at Sales Hustl do it. We have defined 3 steps are stages that every lead must go through. They start form sending an email to a standard product demo. Finally, if the prospect expresses interest – The final stage of a needs and discovery discussion. As each stage is completed, all that the rep has to do is to tick a checkbox against that stage for the prospect.

So what are the benefits you ask?

For one, all the reps approach their prospects in a standard process that incorporates the best practices. The “cowboy approach” so to say is no longer there. An average hire can aspire to quickly hit his numbers. Managers have clear visibility on what each rep is doing and the status of the prospects.

On an average we expect a 30% growth in quality pipeline over a couple of quarters. In case you are interested to explore more, do reach out to us. We would be glad to make every rep of yours a rock star!