While prospecting for new leads, you will come across people who are currently not ready to buy. They are still in the research or budget approval phase. The serious buying stage is still a few months away.

The “limited time” challenge

Reps are working under extreme pressure. Not only do they have to close the deal within the quarter, they also need to spend time in working with both internal and external stakeholders. In such a scenario, it would not be correct to expect reps to maintain a steady stream of communication with deals that will still take some time to cook.

Enter Lead Nurturing Systems

The sole purpose of a Lead Nurturing System is to make sure that your prospects get a regular stream of relevant updates. These could be in the nature of informative articles, blogs, happenings in industry etc. You build credibility with your prospect and are at top of mind recall when (s)he is ready to make a purchase.

At Sales Hustl, we have developed best practices for Lead Nurturing. Do drop us a line and we would be glad to share.